Mistborn House War

Pay the Resource Cost


As agreed, each player pays resources out of their House supply. The total resources paid must match the icons shown at the bottom of the Problem card.

Don’t forget to include the effect of any cards that raise or lower a Problem’s cost (e.g. Tineyes, Thugs, Lesser Nobles, and Informants).

In this case, if the Tineye was played, the cost for Growing Suspicions would be 2 Food () and 2 Skaa ()

Remember that you may convert resources in the following ways to pay costs.

- Spend 1 Atium as any 1 other resource (Atium is a wild resource)

- Spend any 2 resources as any 1 other resource (you can spend the same 2 resources or 2 different ones)

You may convert resources like this as often as you like, though you may NOT combine resources with another player when converting

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