Mistborn House War

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there are no more personalities to draw?
See the following rule(s) to find an answer to this question.
Is there a hand limit for personality cards
There is no hand limit for personality cards.
Can I play the advisor I just drew to gain its resource during the Gather Resources phase?
You must finish gathering resources before being able to play the cards you draw. So if you draw an advisor card you wouldn't be able to play it during the gather resources phase.
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what personality cards can I play while the Marsh problem card is out?
non-deal changing
Marsh and other Problem cards with this language prevent the use of Personalities to adjust the resource requirements and other conditions of a deal, no matter when those Personalities might be played. There's no skirting this restriction by playing Personality cards before a deal is negotiated, or even after a deal is closed.
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Does the game end immediately if unrest hits 8?
If unrest hits 8 the game will end immediately even if the Vin problem card has not shown up yet.
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Can i reveal my unrest/favor tokens?
You may never reveal any favor/unrest tokens.
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How much disgrace do you get from Provocateur if unrest grows by more than 1?
Provocateur says you gain 1 unrest anytime the unrest rises. It does not specify any ammount just that the unrest raises.
Can I use a smoker to redirect a Hazekiller?
A smoker would redirect the Hazekiller to another valid target. The only possible way for there to be another valid target is if multiple personality cards were played simultaneously.
Can I use a Hazekiller to cancel a sly card?
Sly cards are the only cards that may be played after the deal closes. This means others can not use hazekillers during that phase to stop sly cards.
Can I Hazekiller a Hazekiller?
As it is a non-lasting personality a Hazekiller can be played to cancel another one.
Do cards ever effect the Steel Ministry house?
if they want
If a problem card has the Steel Ministry keyword and targets the Steel Ministry player, that player may choose to ignore the effects or accept them.
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What if two cards were played at the same time?
play in turn order
If two or more cards are played simultaneously they will resolve clockwise from the active player.
What order are cards resolved?
The order played
If multiple personality cards are played in a row then they are resolved in the order they were played. The exception to this are cards that effect the played card like a smoker.
What if the problem I'm solving returns to the top of the problems deck?
Your turn ends
If the problem you are solving is soothed back onto the problem deck then your turn ends immediately as if you failed to solve the problem.
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what if the problem I'm solving erupts?
Your turn ends
If the problem you are solving erupts then apply the eruption effects immediately and end your turn as if you failed to solve the problem.
How does the game end?
Vin Problem Card
When you deal with the Vin problem card. When the Vin problem card erupts. Or when unrest reaches 8.
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Which house is "one house..."
Players Choise
The active player will decide which house is targeted when the Problem card targets "One house..."
What if the problem we are dealing with changes urgency below 1?
The deal fails
If the Problem card you are trying to solve is put back on top of the deck (typically with a soother personality card) then all deals stop and the active players turn ends as if the deal failed..
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Can I offer favor/disgrace in a deal?
No favor and disgrace may never change owners. Once you have earned either they are yours for the rest of the game.
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When can I trade resources in for others?
solving a problem
You may trade any 2 resources or 1 Atium for 1 other resource. This may only be done while paying for a successfully solved problem card. You may not trade resources in during any other point in the game.
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What if there is a tie
most resources wins
If two or more players are tied, the player with the most resources wins. If there is still a tie players share victory.
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Can I cancel playing a personality card?