A Problem card’s Urgency is always equal to the column it is in.

A Problem’s starting Urgency is shown in the upper left corner of the card. When the card is drawn, place it in the column matching this numeral. If that column is full, move the Problem to the next available Problem track space to the right.

As soon as a Problem moves, its Urgency changes to match the new column it is in. Likewise, when a Problem’s Urgency increases, it moves accordingly

A Problem’s Urgency may also decrease, usually because a Soother Personality card is played. When this happens, the card moves to the left. The same occupancy rules apply when moving a Problem in either direction.

If a Problem moves off the left side of the board (i.e. its Urgency drops below I), place it face down on top of the Problem deck. It will be the next Problem card drawn.