Mistborn House War

Deal Etiquette


Mistborn: House War encourages table talk, cajoling, trickery, and even a little menace. Deals unfold like rounds of poker, with just as much social interaction as game-driven procedure. Embrace that intent and everyone will likely have a much better time.

When negotiating a deal, be considerate of the other players at the table. Leave room for quiet or shy players to speak up, and encourage them to do so on their own terms. Don’t dismiss or talk over other players. Keep your turns down to a reasonable duration (we recommend 3–4 minutes, unless the game hinges on the Problem you’re attempting to solve). Your deals don’t have to be fair but you should be, and everyone will have a much more rewarding time with the game when you are.

If you’re worried about your group dynamic, consider a pre-game discussion about how you’d all like deals to be negotiated. If you encounter problems during a deal, look for a solution that best satisfies everyone right now. Then agree to talk about the process after the game is over. With just a little discussion outside the game, you could avoid friction the next time you play.