Mistborn House War

Problems Worsen


Move each Problem card already on the board 1 column to the right. You can move the Problems in any order but each Problem must move once. Problem cards always move one at a time.

Each time a Problem is moved into a new column, it fills the lowest available space in the column. Remember that in a 3-player game the bottom row is unavailable.

When a Problem moves into a full column, it skips forward to the next column, and this continues until it finds an empty space. If any Problem erupts, its eruption effect is applied immediately.

Should a Problem move past Column IV, into the Problems Erupt space, that Problem erupts. Immediately apply the listed eruption effect and then discard the Problem card. An eruption usually has consequences for one or more players.

Multiple Problems may erupt on the same turn.

The order in which you move Problems on your turn is key to controlling the flow of trouble facing the Final Empire. When the option is available, you could fill a column before a Problem is moved into it, forcing that Problem to move an extra step to the right. With careful timing you might even be able to arrange for a Problem to erupt on a particular turn.