Mistborn House War

Pass or Deal


In this step, you may do one of two things (not both):


Place the Inquisitor pawn on the “Pass the Turn” space. Collect either 1 resource of any type (including Atium) from the game supply or draw 1 Personality card. Remember that Atium is a wild resource and may be spent as any other resource.


Place the Inquisitor pawn on any 1 Problem card remaining on the board. This triggers a deal phase where ALL players negotiate with you to jointly pay the resources shown on the Problem card. Generally players offer to pay some of the resources shown in exchange for some of the Favor if the Problem is solved. You choose who may participate in the deal, and no player may be forced to take any deal they don’t want. If an agreement is reached the Problem is solved, the players pay the resources they promised, and the Favor shown on the Problem card is distributed as negotiated.