Tiny Epic Dungeons

Revealing New Dungeon Rooms


If there is a facedown Dungeon Card next to your room, on your turn when you move you may spend 1 to flip that card and move into it. After flipping the card, it may be rotated 90 degrees as many times as you want, as long as a pathway is created between the new room and the room you started in.

After flipping, check if there are any open corridors on the new room that lead to an empty space on the grid. If so, draw and place new facedown cards from the Dungeon Deck to connect to all open corridors. These are future rooms that can be revealed. If there are no cards left in the deck then ignore this step. Then you must move into the new room, and Check for Danger.

Note: Skills with a icon negate the requirement that you move into the room after revealing it.

Dungeon Size Limit

The dungeon may not extend further than 3 cards from the dungeon’s Entrance in any direction. This effectively creates a 7x7 grid that will contain the dungeon with the Entrance being the center of that grid. No card can be placed outside of these limits. If there are no open corridors available and the Lair Door Card has not been revealed, the heroes lose the game.