Tiny Epic Dungeons

Using the Boss Mat


You must spend 1 on your turn to enter the Boss Mat from the Lair Door Card. The Boss Mat is considered one large room! All forms of attack and range are allowed: all heroes and enemies are both in the same room () and in line-of-sight () of each other. The room has six Hero Spaces marked with Hero icons (). These are where you can stand to make attacks against the Boss. The space with black arrows is the ‘entrance,’ and when you enter you must move onto this space first.

You can use any remaining movement after entering to move to adjacent Hero Spaces, as if they are rooms with connecting pathways linking them.

Some spaces are marked with modifiers or additional effects that affect actions that you perform. Keep note of them when choosing a space.

You can move past other heroes on spaces, but you cannot share the same space once movement is complete for a turn. If a hero has only 1 remaining to move onto the Boss Mat from the Lair Door Card, but a hero is already on the entrance space, then that hero cannot move to the Boss Mat.

You can also leave the Boss Mat by moving through the entrance space and back to the Lair Door Card, and continue your turn.