Tiny Epic Dungeons

Torch Mat Appendix


Skull- Torch Track Effect: If the torch ever reaches this space, the players have lost the game.

Skull- Fifth Goblin: If all four Goblins are in the dungeon and a fifth Goblin is added, the players have lost the game.

Goblin Encounter- Torch Track Effect: Add 1 Goblin to the Entrance.

Enemy Action- Torch Track Effect: Activate all enemies in the dungeon.


1. Heroes’ abilities with the icon

2. Goblins (numbers 1 to 4)

3. Minions (from left to right)

4. Bosses (from left to right)

Explore- Free Action: Move the torch down 1 space on the torch track to reveal all unexplored dungeon cards within 1 space of your Hero (max of 4 rooms).

Minion Reward: When you kill a Minion, move the torch up 6 spaces on the torch track and discover 2 Loot or Spells, in any combination.

Taunt the Boss- Free Action: Spend 2 focus to move the Boss, the number of rooms equal to its Speed, towards you.