Tiny Epic Dungeons

Discover Loot and Spells


To defeat strong enemies, you will need more powerful loot and spells. You can find these items in the dungeon by searching rooms, disarming traps, and defeating enemies.

Loot is found in three forms: Hand (), Garb (), and Trinket ().

All Spells () are of the same form.

Discover a Loot/Spell Card: Getting the ‘full-color’ icon of Loot () or Spells () means that you may draw a card from the top of the respective deck. Alternatively, you may instead pick up a faceup card from the appropriate row(s) if you wish (see below). When drawing a new card, you may choose to keep it or to discard it to its appropriate discard row (see below).

Pick Up a Discarded Card: Getting a gray Loot/Spell icon with a green arrow means that you can pick up a card from the appropriate discard row. Loot and Spell Cards are placed into these rows when discarded. This gray icon does not allow you to draw a new Loot or Spell Card from its deck.