Tiny Epic Dungeons

Enemy Counter-Attack


If the enemy you attacked is still alive and is in the same room or in line-of-sight of you after the attack, then that enemy Counter-Attacks. Use the result on the Enemy Die that you rolled during the Skill Check:

Faces ‘2-5’: The enemy attacks with this number plus the enemy modifier listed on the enemy's card.

For instance, the Minotaur rolls a ‘5’ and gets ‘+3’ because you performed a Melee Attack.

Shield Match: The die face equals your Defense, including all of your Defense modifiers. In short, it deals damage equal to the enemy modifier.

For the Minotaur against a Melee Attack, it deals 3 damage.

Torch: This is considered a miss for the enemy. You do not take any damage, but the torch moves 1 space down on the Torch Mat.

Note about Spell Attacks: If the hero is not in line-of-sight with the enemy, the enemy does not Counter-Attack. However, if multiple enemies are targeted with a single attack and can then Counter-Attack, only one of those enemies Counter- Attacks — you choose which.