Tiny Epic Dungeons

Move the Boss onto Altars


The Boss has wards protecting it from damage, called Altars (). To dispel them, the heroes must force the Boss to move to Altars in the dungeon. As soon as the Boss Token enters a room with an Altar Marker, remove it from the card and place it on the highest uncovered space on the Boss’s track. Health Markers are no longer stopped at this point on the track; they can move onto or past it when more damage is dealt.

If there are no heroes on the Boss Mat and the Boss performs an Enemy Action, its token moves to the Lair Door Card and then toward the nearest conscious hero in the dungeon.

You may spend 2 on your turn to use the Taunt the Boss Free Action (listed on the Torch Mat’s Act 2 side) to move the Boss up to its toward you. Follow normal movement rules through pathways for enemies, but you are the Boss’s target (it will ignore every other hero except for you). This action can be used multiple times as long as you have to spend.