Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

Daytime, Dusk, and Night


Proceed with the following phases. In each phase, you only activate your own character and you must activate all matching abilities unless they specifically state “may.”

Daytime (): Starting with the leftmost character (lowest rank) on the island and proceeding to the right, each player activates their character’s daytime ability (if any).

Dusk (): Starting with the rightmost character (highest rank) on the island and proceeding to the left, each player with a character on the island takes the following steps:

1. Gain a loot token (if any) from the current day, unless otherwise stated by your character.

2. If your character and/or the newly gained loot token have dusk abilities, activate those abilities.

3. If your character is still on the island, place it face up in your ship (on the table in front of you).

If any loot tokens remain on the current day after the dusk phase, put them back in the bag.

Night (): Simultaneously with the other players, activate all night abilities on characters in your ship. You may activate your night abilities in the order of your choice.

During the voyage, whenever you gain or lose doubloons, only use coin tokens (and not your score dial). In this way, even if your doubloons this voyage would drop under 0, you simply have 0 coin tokens. Your score dial is only changed at the end of each voyage.

Whenever you’re instructed to discard one of your character cards, place it face down on your graveyard tile. You can always look at the cards in your own graveyard.