Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

Solo Setup Before Each Game


Character 37, Wind Nymph, isn’t used in solo play, but you don’t need to remove it from your deck.

Setup for a 2-player game with Automa as the second player and purple as the player color. Apply the changes below.

1. Don’t use the Midshipman tile.

2. Replace the hook, saber, amulet, and barrel loot tiles with the matching Automa loot tile replacements.

3. Place the loot tiles as shown in the illustration below (it shows Calm mode):

4. Shuffle the solo cards and place them in a stack with the back sides up as the solo deck. Place them so that the numbers are correctly oriented for you to be able to read them.

5. Automa doesn’t get a deck of character cards.

6. Place your reputation token and Automa’s reputation token randomly on the 3rd and 4th spaces of the reputation track (as in the setup rules for 2 players).