Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

Setup: Before Each Voyage


Loot tokens: Randomly draw loot tokens from the bag to place on the designated spaces on the board (each space represents a day of the upcoming voyage, and each of the 3 voyages is a different number of days). Each day in the upcoming voyage will have a number of loot tokens equal to the number of players in the game.

For 2-player games, place 3 loot tokens on each day of the upcoming voyage.

Character cards: Designate a player to shuffle their character deck, draw 6 random cards, and reveal those cards to the other players. Those players gain the same 6 cards from their decks to add to their hands. (This process is faster if the same player shuffles and draws 6 for every voyage, and every other player keeps their deck in numerical order.)

Players will end every voyage with leftover character cards in their hands. For each subsequent voyage, they will gain additional matching sets of 6 cards and add those new cards to their hands of leftover cards.

Doubloons: Gain doubloons (coin tokens: ) equal to the number shown below your reputation token on the reputation track. Your doubloons are open information for all players to see.


A few cards and loot tiles refer to adjacent players. An adjacent player is a player sitting directly to your left or right.