Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I adjust the difficulty of solo play?
Difficulty levels
You can adjust the difficulty by giving starting wealth to you or to Automa.
Are the abilities on the Pilferer's cards activated?
Cards played by the Pilferer do not have any abilities. They only cause a loot token to be removed from the current day (without activating any loot abilities).
When playing solo, do I have to choose the card to play before Automa and the Pilferer?
The player chooses a card to play and places it on the island first. Cards played by the Pilferer and Automa are revealed after this.
Which deck is used for drawing new cards before each voyage when playing solo?
The solo deck
Shuffle the solo deck and draw 6 cards from it before each voyage. It is convenient to keep your own character card deck in numerical order.
How are the Automa loot tile replacements distinguished?
Automa icon
When playing solo, the hook, saber, amulet, and barrel loot tiles are replaced with the matching Automa loot tile replacements. Automa loot tiles are marked with the Automa icon.
What if an ability causes the Pilferer to gain or lose doubloons?
Nothing happens
The Pilferer cannot gain or give loot, doubloons, or reputation. If an ability would cause this to happen, it is ignored.
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Which way to orient Automa cards?
Purple side up
Automa's cards are oriented so the purple flag is at the top left. When a solo card is played as a Pilferer card, it is oriented so the orange flag is at the top left.
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Is the Wind Nymph (37) missing from the solo deck on purpose?
Wind Nymph isn’t used in solo play, but you don’t need to remove it from your character card deck when playing a single player game.
When are the loot tokens placed in player's ship discarded?
End of voyage
Unless otherwise stated by a character or loot ability (e.g., the stormy side of the map tile), all loot tokens are put back in the bag at the end of each voyage.
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When are the doubloons added to the score dials?
At the end of voyage
Doubloons are added to the score dials at the end of each voyage. Once the score is added to the dial, it cannot be lost.
In which order are cards tied for rank placed on the island?
Use reputation to solve equal ranks, higher reputation to the right.
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How long is a voyage?
4, 5, or 6 days
Libertalia is played over 3 voyages, with each voyage’s length increasing by 1 day. The first voyage is 4 days, the second is 5 days, and the final voyage is 6 days.
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What if my score exceeds 99 doubloons?
Use doubloons
If your score dial would exceed 99, set your score dial to 99 and use doubloons to represent additional wealth.
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Does reputation matter during the end game scoring?
If tied
Reputation is used as a tiebreaker when scores on the score dials are compared.
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Is Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest the same game as Libertalia released in 2012?
Yes and no
Libertalia was originally released in 2012. Ten years later, we’re celebrating the foundations of the original design with a revised and expanded edition that includes all-new art, 40 characters per player, a reputation system to resolve tiebreakers, deluxe loot tokens, a robust solo mode, and much more.
If I gain 2 doubloons from the Freed Prisoner (20) and then gain 2 more because I copied the Freed Prisoner’s night ability with the Witch (15), do I discard the Freed Prisoner?
If you ever gain 3 or more doubloons with the Freed Prisoner's night ability in a single night, discard the Freed Prisoner. If the Witch gains 2 doubloons using her ability, that’s the Witch’s doing, not the Freed Prisoner. However, using the Witch to gain 3 doubloons by copying the Freed Prisoner's ability will still cause the Prisoner to be discarded.
Does “more map tokens than any opponent” on the stormy side of the map tile mean that you have to have the single most map tiles, or just more map tokens than at least one other player?
The single most
It means that you need to have the single most map tiles.
For the Topman’s (24) night ability, do you discard a maximum of 4 gold even if you have more than 4 characters on the ship?
You’ll gain 4 doubloons into your supply, then spend from your supply of doubloons. The amount you need to spend may be greater than 4.
Anchor ability on Treasurer (32), if I have 2 amulets and 1 Chest, I gain 3 doubloons. Is this correct?
The Treasurer says, “Gain $1 for each barrel, each amulet, and each chest token in your ship.” You would indeed gain 3 doubloons.
Do the cards in your hand count as in your ship?
There’s your hand, the island, and your ship. Money, loot tokens, and characters you’ve removed from the island (and not discarded) are in your ship.
If a player’s sabre discards a character from the island, is that character discarded to their ship or are they discarded to the graveyard?
Any discard goes to your graveyard.
If you play the Smuggler (13) in 2P and you opponent played a card of rank 1-12, are they moved to the Midshipman after the Smuggler’s daytime ability?
You do follow the rules of the Midshipman tile, but only when first placing the characters. In this case, there are no instructions to rearrange the characters after they’re placed, so leave them as they are.
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If you play the Beggar (3) in 2P and the rightmost character is the Midshipman, what happens?
The Midshipman cannot give doubloons.
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When you play the Beggar (3) and the rightmost character has fewer than two doubloons, what happens?
Take what's left
Take 0 or 1 doubloons, however many that character’s player has left.
When playing the Scout (1), if you replace it with a card that goes to the same position on the island, do you then activate the new card’s daytime ability?
If the new character goes in the same place as the Scout and has a daytime power, you get to activate that daytime power immediately.
Cook (26) was argued both ways 1) gain a second loot token only if you first gain a hook 2) gain a second loot token as long as you don’t gain a hook first. Which one is correct?
The only reason that text is on the card is because there is a hook loot tile ability that removes the character who gains it. So the Cook is just saying that if it’s removed from the island by taking a hook token, it isn’t there to gain another token.
Is another loot token of the same type needed to discard “1 identical loot token” when activating the daytime ability on Merchant card (30)?
A single loot token may be discarded for 1 doubloon. When discarding multiple loot tokens, they need to be identical.