After the night phase of the final day of each voyage, proceed with the following steps:

Anchor abilities (): Activate all anchor abilities on loot tokens and characters in your ship in any order. You can account for doubloons earned at this time on your score dial or wait until the next step. You cannot “game” the order of operations to avoid temporarily having fewer than 0.

Score dials: Increase your score dial by your number of doubloons, and then discard those doubloons. Your score dial is open information. After the third voyage, if your score dial would exceed 99, set your score dial to 99 and use doubloons to represent additional wealth.

Discard loot tokens and characters in ships: Unless specifically noted on a character or loot tile, put all loot tokens back in the bag and all character cards in your ship into your graveyard. However, keep all remaining character cards in your hand—in this way, you will begin the next voyage with some characters in hand that other players have in their graveyards.

There should be no loot tokens remaining on the board, as unclaimed loot tokens are put back in the bag at the end of each dusk phase. In case any were missed, put them back in the bag now.

At the end of the first and second voyages, follow the setup steps for the next voyage. At the end of the third voyage, the game ends.