Resolve the dusk phase as usual. Both Automa and the Pilferer gain loot tokens in order, based on the ranks of the cards they played.

Automa: Automa gains the loot token among those available that’s leftmost on this priority list and activates its ability if any:

This is the order in which you placed the loot tiles during setup. Once you’ve learned the sequence by heart, you can start placing the loot tiles so that their artwork matches that of the board.

If she is to pick loot at another time than dusk, she will do so in the same way.

Pilferer: The Pilferer gains a loot token using the priority list even if the Automa has an altered priority for this round. Put the Pilferer’s loot token back in the bag, without activating any ability.

Place the card played by the Pilferer in the solo deck discard pile.