The Automa and the Pilferer play by their own simpler rules. Any rule not explicitly overridden here is still in effect.


In game terms, Automa is a player with all that entails, except what’s overridden in this rulebook.

The Pilferer

The Pilferer only represents a fraction of a player. In game terms he’s neither a player nor an owner of a character, but his currently played character is considered a character on the island.

The only two things he does are add a character to the island each turn and remove a loot token during the dusk phase.

He doesn’t have a reputation token and characters he plays are always placed on the left in case of ties for rank.

Example: Character 3, Beggar, has this ability:

The rightmost character is the one played by the Pilferer. It will be the one chosen by the rule because it’s a character on the island, but nothing happens—no doubloons or reputation are distributed—because it has no owner.