The Dirge is a colossal Monster, covering 9 tiles worth of spaces, impacting more than a quarter of the board when it finally arrives. That arrival is foretold by Omens. Shuffle 2 Omen tiles into the Draw Stack during set up. (The other 3 are provided for future content and should remain in the box.)

Omen tiles act as a countdown to the arrival of The Dirge.

• When the 1st Omen is revealed, place it alongside the board and redraw a new tile to replace it.

• When the 2nd Omen is revealed, place it onto the board as you would any tile. This both signals the arrival of The Dirge AND serves as an anchor point for placement of the oversized Dirge token.


Place the Dirge onto the board so that part of its body overlaps the Omen you have just placed. The specific placement and orientation of The Dirge is within your control, but no part of the Dirge can hang off the edge of the board; its entire shape must fit within the board’s boundaries. You may experiment with its placement before deciding on a final placement.

When the Dirge is finally placed, everything beneath its massive form is swallowed in Darkness. All Prisoners beneath The Dirge go Lights Out, must discard 3 tiles from the Draw Stack, and then fall into a Pit.

This may include the Prisoner who placed the Omen, if they choose to position it overtop of themselves. This attack can be Blocked by using Nerve, reducing the tiles discarded to 2. Then, all tiles on the board beneath The Dirge, including the Omen, are removed from the board and discarded.


Once all these effects are resolved, flip The Dirge token to its Pit side, overlaying the same spaces it occupied (this may require rotating the token). This forms a chasm-sized Pit covering 9 spaces. The Pit will remain on the board until it is no longer lit by any Prisoner’s candle.

The DIRGE must cover the Omen and stay within the board boundaries.


But this is a far better placement where no Prisoners are hit.


The DIRGE flips, becoming a large Pit, Illuminated by three Prisoners. All tiles below the Dirge are discarded