The Night Cage

Lights Out


When struck by a Wax Eater attack, a Prisoner goes LIGHTS OUT. Flip your Prisoner Status card to its LIGHTS OUT side. With your candle extinguished you can no longer perceive anything beyond the tile you occupy. Remove all tiles that you had been Illuminating (unless they are still lit by another Prisoner with a lit candle).


Going Lights Out comes with these penalties:

• You are now panicked & compelled to Move every turn. You may not Stay.

• Without light, you move forward blind to the dangers ahead. When you move, draw a tile only for the space you move into and discard the tile from the space you left (if no one else Illuminates it). As always, your new tile must be oriented so that it connects to your previous location.

If you move onto a Monster tile, the Monster attacks immediately, hitting you and any other connected Prisoners. You remain LIGHTS OUT, discard 3 tiles – and immediately scramble onto an existing adjacent tile, or a newly drawn one.


When a LIGHTS OUT Prisoner becomes adjacent via a connected Passage to a Prisoner with a lit candle, their candle is automatically relit. This may happen on either of the Prisoner’s turns. When a Prisoner is relit, the player whose turn it is draws the tiles to fill in newly Illuminated Passages at the end of that turn. Flip their Status card to the Lit side.