Falling into a Pit does not mean certain death. On the contrary, at times it is even helpful. In this unnatural place, you will eventually fall right back into the labyrinth. A Prisoner may even choose to jump into an adjacent Pit they are connected to.

Whether you leap into the Pit by moving onto a Pit space, or by having one form beneath you when you Stay, falling into a Pit will end your turn. You will fall through blackness and void, off the board, until the beginning of your next turn.

1. Place your Prisoner token along the board edge, either by the edge of the row or column you once occupied.

2. Discard any tiles no longer Illuminated by your light.

3. At the start of your next turn, Choose an empty, unlit space along the row or column you chose. Draw a tile to land upon and place your Prisoner token on it. Illuminate any unlit connected spaces around you.

4. Then, take your turn as normal.

When you Fall, place the Prisoner along the row or column that intersects the Pit


Next turn, choose an empty space in the row / column selected to land on. Draw and place a tile to land on.


There are, however, two dangers that may await you.

• If you land on a Monster, it immediately attacks before you illuminate beyond the tile you landed on. After the attack and suffering its penalties, move onto an existing adjacent tile, or draw a new tile to move into an unlit space.

• If you are falling and there are no tiles in the Draw Stack left to land on, you fall in Darkness forever and the game ends in a loss.

If you are falling and there are no empty spaces (highly unlikely) land on an existing tile.