You will Move 1 space along any Passage onto a connected tile.

NOTE: Passages are too narrow to have more than one Prisoner on the same tile. Gate tiles are the only exception. Any # of Prisoners may occupy a Gate tile at the same time. After moving, remove all tiles no longer Illuminated and place them on the Discard board.

Next, Illuminate the new passages.

1. Tiles are drawn and placed one at a time. Draw 1 tile from the Draw Stack for each open Passage leading from your new space. Flip it face up and look at it to choose which open space to place it in.

2a. No tiles are drawn for any Passages already Illuminated by another Prisoner.

2. Tiles may be placed in any orientation as long as the Passageway connects to your current tile (example below)

3. Draw and place until all Passages extending from your current location have been Illuminated.

3a. If there are no more tiles in the Draw Stack, skip Illumination.

4. Remove all tiles no longer Illuminated & place on Discard board.

5. Your turn ends and play passes clockwise.