All Prisoners begin the game with a Nerve token. Additional Nerve can be gained when a Prisoner chooses to STAY on their turn up to a limit of 2 Nerve.

Nerve can be spent to gain temporary advantages, bending the rules to your benefit. One or both of your Nerve tokens can be used on a turn. (’Move / Move’ or ‘Charge / Block’ for example)



Move Again: You may spend one or both Nerve in this way.

Stay: When you are LIGHTS OUT and otherwise could not. You do NOT gain a Nerve for Staying.

Block: Discard only 2 tiles instead of 3 when hit by a Monster attack.

Charge: Normally, you cannot move onto a Monster, nor would you want to. But there are rare times, especially in the Advanced game, where it can make the difference. You may spend a Nerve to deliberately move onto a Monster tile, immediately suffering its attack and going Lights Out (therefore not Illuminating unlit spaces adjacent to it). You Move onto an existing or newly drawn tile.

Sustain: During Final Flickers, skip removing an Illuminated tile from the board after your turn.