The Night Cage

Final Flickers


NO CANDLE BURNS FOREVER. When the Draw Stack is empty, it signals the end game or Final Flickers. No new tiles can be added to the board. However, play continues with Prisoners using any tiles still left on the board.

Final Flickers starts immediately at the end of the turn of the Prisoner who drew the last tile from the Draw Stack. From that moment forward, at the end of every Prisoner’s turn, after removing tiles that are no longer Illuminated, you must also remove one additional tile from anywhere on the board (unless Nerve was spent to prevent this). A Monster can be removed in this way.

IMPORTANT: During Final Flickers, the additional tile is removed from the board only after all extra Moves are made through spending Nerve.

The encroaching Darkness may isolate a Prisoner, as they find themselves cut off and unable to bring their Key to the Gate with the others. Or a falling Prisoner may end up unable to draw a tile to land upon and keep falling forever. If either of these fates occurs, or you simply lose too many Keys or Gates, the players lose the game, consumed by Eternal Darkness.

There are no more tiles in the Draw Stack.

Final Flickers begins immediately.

GREEN moves 1 space.

Then the unlit tiles are removed from the board.


Then, Final Flickers forces GREEN to discard any one Illuminated tile from the board.


The other Prisoners, in turn, STAY & also discard one Illuminated tile from the board.

Next round, if GREEN can’t spend Nerve to Move Again or the others can’t Sustain, GREEN won’t make it.