The Night Cage

Light & Darkness


A Prisoner’s candle can only illuminate connected Passages in a one-space radius around your current location (Fig. 1). Diagonal spaces are not Illuminated.

When you Move, the radius of your candlelight moves with you, revealing new Passages. Any tile passing too far outside of your candlelight is lost to Darkness and discarded forever (Fig. 5).

This means, if you retraced your steps, the pathway would be changed completely, making the labyrinth an ever-changing

and distinctly unnatural place.

Adjacent tiles not connected to you by a Passage should also be discarded. However, adjacent tiles that are blocking a Passage remain, since you can still see the wall they create (Fig. 2A).

RED’s candle Illuminates the board in a 1 space radius. No diagonals.


RED draws and places tiles in all empty Illuminated spaces.


Since the yellow tile was placed by another prisoner. RED only needs to Draw & Place 3 other tiles. If the other prisoner moves away, RED continues illuminating the dead end wall, so the tile would remain.


RED moves & Illuminates 2 new Passages.


The Passages outside of RED’s candle are discarded. Gone forever.


If RED backtracked, they would discover NEW Passages.