7 Wonders

Phase 2: Build a Stage of a Wonder


To build each stage of their Wonder, the player will use a card of their choice as a construction marker:

To do that, the player must pay the price shown on the Wonder board and not the one shown on the structure’s card.

The player then plays the card, face down, half hidden under the Wonder board to show that this stage of their Wonder is now built. The card then has no other effect, and is not considered to be a structure.


• The stages of a Wonder MUST be built in order, meaning from left to right.

• The construction of the Wonder is not mandatory. A player can win the game without having finished (or even started) the construction of their Wonder.

• The card used to mark the construction of a Wonder stage remains hidden.

• Most Wonders have 3 stages but these are not associated with Ages. It is therefore possible to build multiple Wonder stages in a single Age or to begin construction during Age III.

• Each stage can only built once per game.