7 Wonders

The Statue of Zeus in Olympia



The player can, once per Age, build a structure of their choice for free.

Clarification: the player can place the card used as a construction marker above the Wonder board and replace it underneath when this ability has been used.



The first stage allows the player to purchase raw materials [Stone, Clay, Wood, Ore] from his or her two neighboring cities for the price of one coin instead of two.

The second stage is worth 5 victory points.

The third stage allows the player to “copy” a Guild (purple card) of their choice built by one of their two neighboring cities.



The first stage is equivalent to the two Trading Posts, Eastern or Western (yellow cards): their effect is not cumulative, but the construction of either the Eastern or Western Trading Posts remains possible...

For the third stage, the choice of the Guild is made at the end of the game, when counting points. The player totals the victory points as if they had built that Guild.

Copying a Guild has no effect on the city of the copied Guild’s owner.