Tiny Epic Zombies

Use Room's Ability and/or Token


After moving into a Room (and killing a Zombie if necessary), and only if the Store is free of Zombies (the Store being defined as all 3 Rooms on the Mall Card), you may then use Room abilities and/or interact with Tokens. A Room may have abilities and/or an Objective Token (described on the Objective Card):

Running Ability: Use this ability immediately, and then you may continue your Turn. This Room’s ability may only be used once in a single Turn (you cannot perform it again if you return to the same Room this Turn).

Stopping Ability: If you use this ability, your Turn is immediately over and you end your Turn in that Room. You still reveal your Search Card as normal (see Search the Store).

Secret Passage: This Room is considered “adjacent” to any other Room with a Secret Passage for Movement purposes only (not Ranged Attacks or other effects). Secret Passages are only usable by Human Players.

Pick Up Supplies: You may pick up a Supply Token from its Room and place it onto your Player Card to “carry” it. After you return to the Courtyard with the Supply Token, immediately advance the Barricade Token () 2 spaces on its track (to a maximum of 6). You may then draw 1 card from the Supply Deck, collecting this Item instantly. Then return the Supply Token to its numbered starting space. If you decide not to take a drawn Weapon Card from the Supply Deck, return the card to the deck and shuffle. You may not draw a new card to replace it.

Objective Tokens: See the Objective Card’s details on handling an Objective Token.