Tiny Epic Zombies

Competitive Game (2-4 Players)


There are some rule changes for a Competitive Game without a Zombie Player. The Humans are competing with each other, each racing to be the first to complete all 3 Objectives and be the leader of the group of survivors.

Setup Changes

1. The 3 Objective Cards have the “Competitive Objective” side visible.

2. Flip the Courtyard over so its “Competitive Courtyard” side is visible. Place 1 Survivor Token in each colored symbol for each Player. If there are only 2 Human Players, stack 2 Survivor Tokens on top of each other in each colored symbol of the 2 Players.

3. Each Player’s own colored Objective Markers are used to track progress on the Objective Cards.

Human Changes

Gameplay is the same as a Competitive vs. Zombie game.

Zombie Changes

Zombie actions are the same as a Cooperative game, but with one exception: If a Zombie Attacks the Barricade and reduces it to “0,” they take 1 Survivor Token from the Player with the fewest Wounds who still has a Survivor Token. If there is a tie for the fewest Wounds, take from the one with the most Ammo. If there is still a tie, then amongst the tied Players, take from the Player who is going to be the next active Player.

Game End Changes

The Victory Conditions are the same as a Competitive vs. Zombie game.