Tiny Epic Zombies

Glossary and Clarifications


Bleeding Out - The Human Player with the fewest Wounds takes 1 for each Zombie that the Zombie Player is unable to add due to a depleted supply.

Eaten Alive - A Human Player’s Wound and Ammo Tokens meet or cross each other on the track.

Empty - If a Room or a Store contains no Zombies, that Room or Store is considered empty.

Overkill - One possible result during a Melee Attack. In addition to killing the Zombie, you may immediately Move 1 Room. This Move is free and does not count as one of the 3 Moves you MUST make on a Turn. It is possible for a free Move to result in another Melee Attack and therefore another Overkill, thus making it possible to chain several Overkills together without spending one of your 3 Moves.

Overrun - If a Zombie is added to a Room with an ITEMeeple, that Human Player immediately takes 1 . On the Human’s next Move, they MUST Move out of that Room. You are only able to kill a Zombie after Moving.

Room - One of the 3 walled-spaces on a Mall Card. Each Room has a number (to aid the Zombie Player) and one or more actions or Objective symbols.

Stores - The 8 Mall Cards with Entrance symbols that surround the Courtyard (the central Mall Card). Each Store has 3 Rooms.

Turn - A Human Player’s Turn consists of making 3 Moves and revealing their Search Card. After every Human Turn, there is a Zombie Turn. Any reference to the “active Human Player” during the Zombie’s Turn refers to the Human Player who took a Turn immediately before the current Zombie Turn.

Vehicle - Refers to the Motorcycle or the Police Car.