A Human Player is Eaten Alive if their Wound and Ammo Tokens meet on the same space or if they cross each other. This shows their character is too weak and too poorly equipped to survive.

They immediately drop ALL of their Cards and Items that they hold, face up, beside the Store they have died in (if they die while in the Courtyard due to an effect, choose any 1 Store). If there are no more Survivor Tokens in the Courtyard, then the Humans lose. Otherwise, remove 1 Survivor Token from the game, and return that Player’s ITEMeeple to the Courtyard.

The Human Player then gives their Player Card to the Zombie Player who flips it over to the Zombie side and places a new Horde Marker on the “1” space, gaining this card’s abilities (the Zombie Player may never have more than 3 Zombie Cards). The Human Player draws a new Player Card from the unused ones in the box and then resets their Wounds to “0” and Ammo to “9.”

If this happens in the middle of a Turn, the Turn ends immediately. The Human Player must still flip their Search Card as normal, with the Zombie Player taking actions as normal.

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