Combat Basics


Combat is resolved in three phases:

First: The player attacks the Monster.

To initiate a combat, the player must have at least as many Attack Points as the Monster has Health Points . Monsters health is always constant, and it can not be "chipped" down.

Players can use Minor Actions (such as a Multi-action in the Village Card Normaltown) to boost up their Attack Points, so they can attack the monster.

Second: The Monster always fights back and Attacks the player.

The player is given a number of Wound Markers equal to the Monster’s Strength minus the player’s Defense .

Note: Having less Defense than the Monster has Strength does not deny the player from Attacking the Monster.

For example, if the player has a defense value 4, and the player can not boost it with a Minor Action, and the Monster has an Strength of 6, the player will get two wounds .

Third: Pile up the Monsters

A defeated Monster or Dragon is put on top of the active player’s Monster Trophy Pile. Just as with the Enchantment cards, the lower part is left visible. Resolve any immediate effects now!