Gameplay Turn


The game is played in turns, and each turn works the same way.

In the start of a turn the active player takes one Major Action. After each Major Action, cards on the Journey Track are slid left toward the Village Card , then a new card is drawn from the Adventure Deck and is added to the last empty space.

There should always be 6 cards on the Journey Track, if possible.

Additionally, the player may use as many Minor Actions as they wish during their turn. Minor Actions are typically found in Enchantment cards and on Villages. Each Minor Action can only be performed once during a turn!

After the Track is filled, the next player is up.

Clarification at the end of the game:

If there are less than 6 cards available in the track, and the last card is taken from the row, no card is put in the Graveyard. In the same situation if one card is taken from the middle, rest of the cards are slid to the left. If the player decides to take a Rest action and do not take anything from the row, then a card is placed on the Graveyard.