Clarification: Action/Effect Turn Order


Sometimes it can be difficult to interpret on what actions happen on what order, for example, when defeating an enemy that has an immediate effect. Here are the common rules related to the turn order sequence relating to effects and Minor Actions.

1) The Monster Trophy Pile works just as your Item and Enchantment piles work. If there is a card with a Minor Action, you are free to use it.

3) If there is an Immediate Effect on an Enemy Card, it is not considered to be part of the Monster Trophy Pile before the Immediate Effect is handled.

2) Monsters wound players before they are put in to Monster Trophy Pile. So if you defeat a Monster that has a Minor Action that allows you to heal a wound, you can use that when the Monster is put on your Trophy Pile, healing the Wound that it dealt immediately.

4) You can use Minor Actions (depending on the card and Action) before filling up the row.

Example 1:

Player defeats an Enemy that deals one wound.

After the Monster is put into the Trophy Pile, the player can use "of Leeches" Minor Action to heal the wound they received that same turn, since that player can use a Minor Action at any point before filling up the row.

Example 2:

Player fights and defeats the Manticore. This is the first monster they fight against and thus have no Monsters in the Trophy pile.

Manticore is not considered in to be a part of their Pile before the Instant Effect takes place, so this card doesn’t have to placed on the Graveyard.