2. Setting up the Adventure Deck


In a 3-player or 4-player game, each player chooses one Kingdom Deck. Shuffle the chosen decks together to create the Adventure Deck.

In a 2-player game, each player chooses 2 Decks. From the 4 selected Decks, take only the cards marked with a “2” on the back, and shuffle them together to form the Adventure Deck.

Players may consult the List of Decks to learn more about the 8 Kingdoms and their new abilities before making their choice (or should they have any questions about a specific card during the game).

Search the bottom of the Adventure Deck for a total of 6/9/12 (for 2/3/4 players) Item and Enchantment Cards and put them on top of the Adventure Deck in any order. Return any Monsters and Dragons you put aside back to the bottom of the deck. This way you’ll have a chance to equip yourselves before Monsters come!

Place 6 cards from the top of the Adventure Deck on the Journey Track.

Place the Journey Cost Markers under the 6 cards on the Journey Track starting with the Free Slot on the left and continue progressively to the right.