Dwarves have a saying: “The best defense is the best defense.” Armor up and face goblin suicide squads, massive ogres and even bigger giants.

The Goblins Deck is all about rewarding you for your Defense . You should think of a way to get Defense quick, or you’ll be forced to skip on some high-scoring Monsters .

Axe: After taking this card, but before adding it to your Items Pile, other players are dealt 1 Wound for every 2 Attack Points you have. Consider raising your Attack Points, before taking an Axe.

of Fire: Upon activation, the player receives an Attack Point for every Defense Point they have. Their Defense Points remain at the same value.

Double Damage: Double Damage means that the player receives twice the number of Wounds for each not blocked with the .

For example, if the enemy Strength is 6, and the player Defense 4 - the Player will receive 4 wounds.