Minor Actions


Minor Actions can be found on several Enchantment cards in the game. Depending on the card, they can be used - for example - in Combat, after defeating a Monster or taking a Rest Action.

You can use as many Minor Actions as you want - but each Minor Action can be taken only ONCE during a turn.

The exception is:

Multi-Action: These actions can be used as many times as players want during their turn as long as they can pay the cost.

Double Actions: These actions can be used twice per turn as long as the players can pay the cost.

If the cost of a Minor Action cannot be paid, the action cannot be taken. There are also instances, where a Minor Action can not be performed after the Cost is paid, in this case the Action is ignored but the cost is still paid.

Minor Actions also might have a Cost/Effect on them, which are shown by .

Means that when a Cost is paid, this Minor Action is performed.

Means an Immediate Effect

When Face Up Effect.

Only after the Cost is paid, does the Effect take place. The cost must be fully paid, and the effect has to be implemented "as much as possible". The action’s effect (such as Attack or Defense boost) stays in play till the end of the active player’s turn.

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