The cemetery is open. Bring back cards from the Graveyard and collect skulls of the famous undead warriors for glory.

The Undeads Deck can score you Glory Points for getting Monsters with the Skull Icon. This is made easier with the ability to get cards out of the Graveyard.

Journey for the Top Card from the Graveyard Some cards allow players to “Journey to the Graveyard” to retrieve the top card from the Graveyard. Cards obtained through this Journey are considered the same way as the cards obtained from the Journey Track and so all abilities as well as “After Taking” abilities apply.

Players need to fight Monsters and Dragons they encounter on the Journeys to the Graveyard as normal. If Journey to the Graveyard is a result of a Rest Action you will first take the top card of the Graveyard deck and then place the first card from the Journey Track on the Graveyard.

Skeleton: If there is no card on the Graveyard, just ignore this ability. Otherwise, remember that the swap is mandatory.

Shield: Other players that use or activate abilities that affect “other player”, “target player”, “player on your side” can’t pick you as a target and must pick another player. If there is no valid target for the ability, just ignore the ability. If the ability was a cost (i.e. “Target player heals 1 Wound ”), the cost is considered to not have been paid.

For abilities affecting “each player” or “other players” activated by other players, ignore the effect that relates just to you.

Note that the Shield also blocks abilities that might be beneficial for you.