Deluxe edition vs. Normal Edition


Deluxe edition (and expansions) bring a multitude of new game modes and decks to the base game. While they are not referred in these Rules, here's a list of what expansions are included in the Deluxe Box :

Expansion Overlords - decks: Bandits, Cultists, Unicorns, Gnolls, Goblins, Draco, Barbarians, Faires, Angels, Troglodytes , Undead, Dark Elves, Golems, Mages, Slimes and Demons

Expansion Odyssey - decks: Centaurs, Gladiators, Harpies, Medusae, Mermaids and Mummies

Expansion East - Quest: decks Ninjas, Monks, Samurais, Nagas, Pirates and Geishas

Event Deck
Class Deck
Banner Deck
Coop Deck
Mythic Deck
Wound Deck (eshop exclusive)
Quest Deck
New Villages
New Overlords
Banners and classes
Crystal set
Plastic Wound tokens
Shuriken Tokens
Pearl Tokens
Defence and attack plastic tracker tokens
Fate cards for Solo play
Neoprene playmats (x5)