Tales of Glory

2A - Paying for the Tiles


Once a player has taken a tile from the Adventure board, they must pay its cost in order to play it.

The cost is written on the pennant in the top left corner of the tile. If there is no pennant in that corner, the tile is free. Tiles cost Combat points (), Magic points ( ), Coins (), Potions (), or a combination of two of these elements.

A tile selected from the top row of the Adventure Board (slots 4-5-6 with 2 or 3 players, and slots 5-6-7-8 with 4 or 5 players) will cost the player an extra Coin () or Potion (), at the player's choice.

- To pay for a tile costing Coins () or Potions (), the player must pay these ressources from their own reserve.

- To pay for a tile costing Combat () or Magic () points, the player must have at least that many of the corresponding tokens on their Banner. Combat and Magic tokens are not removed from the Banner when they are used.

If a player does not have enough or to pay for a tile, they may use to lower its cost, getting a 1-point reduction (of or ) for each spent.

If a player does not want to play the tile they took, or cannot pay for it, they may discard it. The tile is not placed (ignore rules 2B and 2C) and the player must not pay the additional cost from selecting a tile on the top row.

Put the tile on the discard pile and receive in compensation 1 and 1 , as well as 1 Key () that they must use immediately (see "Key and Chests").

Note: Players collect rewards from tiles only after paying for and placing them. Therefore, rewards cannot be used to pay for the tile's cost.