Tales of Glory

1 - Obtaining Tiles


Choose a Tile

The players secretly choose which Adventure tile they want to take from the Adventure Board. To do so, the players put the selection card matching the slot of their choice face down.

Take the Tile

When all the players have chosen, they reveal their selection cards simultaneously.

Starting with the player who has the First Player token and moving clockwise one by one, the players take the tiles they chose (if they can) and recover their selection cards.

If two players have selected the same Tile on the board, only the first player in the turn order can take the Tile. Skip the selection for the other player(s): they will play a special round of catch-up.

Catch Up round

After all players who were able to take their selected are done, the players who couldn't (because of a tie) will have a sepcial catch-up round.

Following order of the turn, they each take one of the remaining tiles on the Adventure board.

Change First Player

The player who took the tile on the slot with the smallest number takes the First Player token, regardless of which selection card that player had played.

If that player already has the First Player token, it goes to the player who took the tile on the slot with the second smallest number.

Note: the First Player token must change hands every turn.