Tales of Glory

3 - Setting up for next round


Once all tiles have been placed and rewards collected, prepare the next round by doing as follows:

- Discard as many tiles as indicated on the discard pile tile (depends on the number of players). Start with the tile located on the lowest space on the Adventure Board and progress upwards until the required number of tiles has been discarded.

- After discarding them, slide the remaining tiles around the Adventure Board, following the arrows on the board, to fill slots 1 to 3 (for 4 or 5 players) or slot 1 (for 2 or 3 players).

- Finally, draw 5 tiles from the Age 1 pile and place them randomly on the empty slots on the Adventure Board.

When the Age 1 pile is empty, draw from the Age 2 pile. When both are empty, draw from the Age 3 pile.

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