Tales of Glory

2c - Getting rewards from Tiles


Once a tile has been placed, the player collects the reward. Rewards are shown immediately under the illustration.

The most common rewards consist of taking tokens from the shared reserve and adding them to one’s personal reserve. You will find a list of all rewards in the "List of Rewards" section.

There are some specific cases however, see below.

Multiplying rewards

Some Character tiles use the “x” symbol (meaning “for each”). This means that the reward is multiplied by the number indicated.

Example: the reward "1 1 x " means that the player collects 1 and 1 for each Monster tile () present on their individual Legend Board when the reward is collected. If there are no tiles on their board when the tile is collected, the player gains nothing.

In addition, some of the rewards from Character tiles are not collected when the tile is placed, but rather at the end of the game. The symbol representing the end of the game is listed before these rewards.

For instance, this tile in the example provides 2 Prestige points () at the end of the game for each Monster tile () on the player’s Legend Board.

Conditional rewards

Place tiles () have special Connectors, each of which is associated with a reward. Players can get each of these rewards by connecting a tile to the corresponding connector. Sometimes, the adjacent tile must sometimes be of a certain type to obtain the reward at all.

This reward may be collected either when the Place tile is placed or when a new tile is placed adjacent to it. Placing a Place tile may trigger the collection of several rewards at once!