Tales of Glory

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to Chests who aren't opened at the end of the game?
Those unopened Chests will give neither rewards nor additional Prestige points.
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Can I use a Key to open another player's chest and get their rewards?
No! You can only use Keys on your own board.
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If I don't use a Key on the tile I've just connected, how can I open that chest on future turns?
If you get a Key as a reward from another tile or by discarding a tile, you may use that Key to open any Chest on your board.
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Can I discard a Quest tile to get the fixed reward?
What happens if the game ends and I still have unused Quest tiles?
Quest tiles not placed on your board at the end of the game don't give any rewards or Prestige points.
Can I use the rewards from a tile I just placed to pay for the price of my Quest tile?
No. You must place all the tiles and pay for all the required prices before receiving any rewards this turn.
What happens if I connect a tile to a Place tile without meeting the requirements for the reward on that connection?
The tiles are connected, but you don't get a reward from that particular connection.
Do I have to take a tile every turn?
Yes. If you don't intend to add it to your board, you may discard it for a fixed value.
What happens if all players select the same tile?
The player with the First Player token takes the selected tile, then all others play the catch-up round, following the turn order.
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Can I use Potions to pay for Coins if I don't have enough of the latter?
No. Potions can only be used to reduce Combat or Magic costs, or to select a tile on the top row of the Adventure Board.
What if a player who played the catch-up round selects a tile on a lower slot than the lowest card played?
It is the lowest tile taken that counts, not the lowest card played. In this case, the player who did the catch-up will take the First Player token.
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What happens in case of a tie?
If two or more players are tied, the player with the most Gold wins. Secondary and subsequent ties are broken with Potions, then Combat, and finally Magic. .
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