Tales of Glory

Keys and Chests


Some tiles contain Chests, shown under the reward. To open a Chest, a player must place a Key token () on it.

When a Chest is opened, its owner collects its contents, exactly as if it were a reward. The reward from each Chest may only be collected once per game. Therefore, there can never be more than one Key token () on any given Chest.

The use of Key tokens () vary depending on how they were collectied:

- When a player gets a Key token by putting together two connectors with a half-key in them, the token may be used to open
a Chest located on one of the two tiles in the connection OR on the player’s Hero tile.

- When a player get a Key token as reward from another Tile OR by discarding their selected Tile for the turn, the token may be used to open any Chest on their individual Legend Board, without restriction.

Whenever a player gets a Key token (), they must immediately place the token on one of the Chests they have not yet opened. If the player cannot place the Key, the token is lost!