Tales of Glory

What is Tales of Glory ?


Young heroes hungry for adventure, your hour of glory is nigh!

Take this sword and shield, take these coins and potions. And don’t forget your spell book!

The lands you are about to explore are full of creatures to defeat and treasures to collect.

You’ll visit amazing places and meet surprising characters.

You’ll come home a hero, but only the most glorious among you will go down in legend!

Tales of Glory is a tile-placing game for 2 to 5 players where you will play the role of heroes in quest of glory.

Each turn, you will select and place a tile among a selection of available ones, representing Monsters, Allies and other Treasures you'll find on your quest. By connecting these tiles, you will create your Legend Board. Each tile and connection will earn you different kind of points: Gold, Potions, Prestige points, etc. These points will help you develop your powers and get you closer to your objective.

Develop your strategy right, and you'll end of with the most Prestige of all heroes and win the game!

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