Tales of Glory

2B - Place the Tiles on the board


Once a player has paid for their tile, they will add this tile to their Legend Board and expand it! (At the beginning of the game, each player only have their Hero tile present on their Legend board.)

Tiles must be placed according to the following rules:

- All tiles must be placed facing in the same direction, with the illustrations right-side up in relation to the player placing them.

- Tiles must always form at least one connection (the diamond overlapping two cards) by aligning at least one connector on the tile being played with a connector on a tile already in place.

- Tiles may never be placed so that one side with a connector is touching a side without a connector on the adjacent tile. (Two tile edges that do not have connectors may touch, as long as the two previous rules are followed.)

If the two connectors aligned both contain one half of a Key (), then a Key token is created and must be used immediately (see "Keys and Chests"). If only one connector contains one half of a key, or if both connectors are empty, then no Key is created.