Tales of Glory

Game setup


Put the Adventure Board in the middle of the table so that all players have easy access to it, with the side matching the number of players facing up (6 slots for 2 or 3 players; 8 slots for 4 or 5 players).

Put the Potion (), Coin (), Key (), Combat (), Magic (), and Prestige () tokens near the Adventure Board to form a shared reserve.

Take the 4 Majority tokens () and put them near the Adventure Board.

Take the appropriate discard pile tile for the number of players:

- with 2 players, you will discard 3 tiles,

- with 3 players, you will discard 2 tiles,

- with 4 players, you will discard 1 tile.

- with 5 players, you will discard 0 tiles.

Place this tile next to the Adventure Board, to the left of slot 1. Put the other discard pile tile back in the box.

Sort the Adventure tiles into 4 piles of tiles with identical backs: Ages 1, 2, 3, and Heroes ().
Shuffle each of these piles separately, and put them next to the Adventure Board.
For 2 or 3 players game: randomly remove 2 tiles from Age 1 and put them in the discard pile.

Each player takes one Hero tile at random and puts it in front of them. This will be the starting point for their Legend Board!

Put the remaining Hero tiles back in the box. .

Each player takes a Banner token and the selection cards associated with their Hero. Each player then gets the reward indicated on their Hero tile and puts it in front of them.

If you're playing with the optional Quest tiles rules, distribute them now.

The First Player token is given to the player with the most gallant (i.e. the longest) first name.

Put one tile from the Age 1 pile on each of the slots on the Adventure Board.

You're ready to go!