Each player controls 2-4 different lines depending on the number of players.

The first Track token of each color may be placed on any empty track space on the board.

All further Track tokens of the same line (i.e. of the same colour) must be used to extend the already present line at either of its ends. The end of a line is defined as a station with only one Track token of that line (colour) currently connected to it.

Players can create branches in their lines by spending two Branch tiles, when placing Track tokens. This allows them to extend their line from somewhere else other than one of its ends. The Track token placed must still connect to the already present line.

It is possible to be blocked from placing Track, even with using Branch tiles. Starting lines in the periphery of the map may be risky!

Player can NEVER create a new line of a colour that is already present on the map!

Placing Track tokens may result in players earning points from connected stations:

- National Rail or Terminus stations on both sides of the map;

- on the London map from Connection stations and if a loop is created;

- on the Berlin map from + stations and by collecting Landmark tiles.